Cell Line:                              MOLT-4

Cell Description:                 Leukemia, acute lymphoblastic; T lymphoblast


Culture medium:                      RPMI 1640 with 4,5 g/L glucose, sodium bicarbonate, 2 mM L-glutamine and 1,0 mM sodium pyruvate, 10mM HEPES, 90%; FBS, 10%

Subculture routine:                 Cultures can be maintained by addition or replacement of fresh medium. Start new cultures at 4 x 105 cells/ml and subculture before the cell density reaches 2 x 106 cells/ml

Morphology:                            Lymphoblast

AntigenExp:                            CD1 (49%), CD2 (35%), CD3 A (26%) B (33%) C (34%), CD4 (55%), CD5 (72%), CD6 (22%), CD7 (77%)

Products:                                High levels of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) are produced

Depositor:                               Nowada

Comments:                              The cells do not produce immunoglobulin or Epstein-Barr virus. There is a G-> A mutation at codon 248 of the p53 gene. P53 is not expressed. The patient had received prior multidrug chemotherapy. MOLT-4 was derived from the same patient as the MOLT-3 cell line (ATCC: CRL 1552).

ATCC designation:                  CRL 1582

Reference:                             Sandstrom PA and Buttke TM. Autocrine production of extracellular catalase prevents apoptosis of the human CEM T-cell line in serum-free medium. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90: 4708-4712, 1993