Cell Line:                              HT-29

Cell Description:                 Human colon adenocarcinoma grade II


Culture medium:                      Mc Coy«s 5a with sodium bicarbonate, 2mM L-glutamine, and 1.0mM sodium pyruvate, 90%; FBS 10%


Subculture routine:                 Split confluent cultures 1:3 to 1: 10 i.e. seeding at 1 x 104 to 3 x 104 cells/cm2  using 0,25%; 5% CO2, 37¡C


Morphology:                            Epithelial

Karyotype:                              2n = 46; hypertriploid

Cell product:                           Secretory component of IgA, CEA

Sterility:                                   Tests for Mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi were negative


Biosafety Level:                     1

Comments:                              Cells isolated from a primary tumor in a 44 year old Caucasian female.

Applications:                           Tumourigenicity studies

ECACC number:                      91072201

Reference:                             Human Tumor Cells in Vitro, 1975:225. Plenum Press, NY.