Cell Line:                              HeLa S3

Cell Description:                 Human cervix carcinoma


Culture medium:                      S.MEM with sodium bicarbonate, 2 mM L-glutamine and 1,0 mM sodium pyruvate + 10% FBS;  optional Ham's F12K

Subculture routine:                 Maintain cultures between 3 to 9 x105 cells/ml, 5% CO2, 37¡C

Morphology:                            epithelial

Karyotype:                              2n = 46; Modal No. 68

Depositor:                               Mr. C. B. Morris, PHLS CAMR, Porton Down, Salisbury

Sterility:                                   Tests for Mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi were negative

Biosafety Level:                     2

Comments:                              Derived from the parent HeLa cell line (see ECACC No. 85060701). The cells have been adapted to grow in suspension (spinner) culture and have the same virus susceptibility as the parent line. The cells are positive for keratin by immunoperoxidase staining. HeLa cells have been reported to contain human papilloma virus 18 (HPV-18) sequences.

Isoenzymes:                           G6PD, A

ECACC number:                      87110901

ATCC designation:                  CCL 2.2

Reference:                             J. Exp. Med, (1956). 103, 273