Cell Line CTLL-2

Cell Description: Mouse T cell
Culture medium: RPMI 1640 + IL-2* +10% FBS.
* Further details on request
Subculture routine: Maintain cultures between 3 x 10.000 - 2 x 100.000 cells/ml; 5% C02; 37C
Morphology: Lymphoblast
Research council deposit: No
Depositor: Professor D Kilburn, Department of Microbiology, University of Vancouver

Nature 1977; 268:154

Comments: CTLL is a subclone of T cells derived from a C57bl/6 mouse. The cells require IL-2 for growth and are used to assay for its presence in conditioned media.

ECACC number: 87031904
ATCC designation: TIB 214

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