CLS-145 / Medium: HamÕs F12 / Zoom: 200 x




Cell Line:                              CLS-145

Cell Description:                 Human gastric papillary adenocarcinoma; stomach, pars cardiaca


Culture medium:                      Ham's F12 medium with sodium bicarbonate, 2 mM L-glutamine and 1,0 mM sodium pyruvate 90%; fetal bovine serum 10%


Subculture routine:                 Remove medium, rinse monolayer with fresh 0.025% trypsin, 0.05% EDTA solution in PBS, remove trypsin and let the culture incubate at 37”C for 3 to 5 minutes. Add fresh medium, aspirate and dispense into new flasks.

Split Ratio:                               A ratio of 1:2 to 1:6 is recommended

Doubling Time:            36

Description:                            The CLS-145 cell line was derived from fragments of a tumor resected from a patient who had received no prior therapy. MAP-TEST negative, PAS positive

Morphology:                            epithelial

Tumorigenic:                          yes, in nude mice (Rhythm 20-30 days)

Comments:                              Derived from a 70 years old european female.

Sterility:                                   Tests for Mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi were negative

Biosafety Level:                     1

Depositor:                               CLS

References:                           not published