Cell Line:                              Capan-2

Cell Description:                 Human adenocarcinoma, pancreas


Culture medium:                      Mc Coy«s 5a medium with sodium bicarbonate, 2 mM L-glutamine and 1,0 mM sodium pyruvate + 10% FBS

Subculture routine:                 Split confluent cultures 1:3 to 1: 6 using 0,25% trypsin or trypsin/EDTA; 5% CO2, 37¡C

Morphology:                            Polygonal

Grown as:                              Monolyer; transferred 1:3 weekly

In Vitro Cytopathology:           (P8) Adenocarcinoma

Nude mouse:                          Produces well-differentiated adenocarcinoma consistent with pancreatic carcinoma

Description:                            The cells produce high levels of MUC-1 mucin mRNA, low levels of MUC-2 mRNA but do not express the MUC-3 gene.

Comments:                              J. Fogh isolated this line in 1975 and characterized the progeny as indicated beloww. Patient Data: Age-56, male, Race-Caucasian; Blood Type-B+.

Species:                                 Confirmed as human by isoenzyme analysis.

Isoenzymes:                           Me-2, 2; PGM3, 2; PGM1, 1; ES-D, 1; AK-1, 1; G6PD, B; GLO-1, 2; Phenotype Frequency Product: 0.0004

Blood Group Antien:               Confirmed as B on cultured Colls

Depositor:                               Fogh

Sterility:                                   Tests for Mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi were negative

Biosafety Level:                     1

References:                           Dahiya R et al. Mucin synthesis and secretion in various human epithelial cancer cell lines that express the MUC-1 mucin gene. Cancer Res. 53: 1437-1443, 1993.

ATCC designation:                  HTB 80