Cell Line:                              VX-2

Cell Description:                 squamous cell carcinoma, skin; Rabbit tumour


Culture Medium:                 RPMI 1640 + 2mM glutamine, 80% + 20% FBS. Presoak flasks in collagen (rat tail, Boehringer MA, order-No. 1 179 179) for 2 hrs and wash with PBS

Subculturing:                       Remove medium, rinse with fresh 0,025% trypsin solution, remove trypsin and let the culture sit at room temperature (or 37¡C) until the cells detach (about 2-3 minutes). Add fresh medium, aspirate and dispense into new flasks. Split confluent cultures 1:3 to 1:6 ie seeding at 2x104 to 3x104 cells/cm2

Morphology:                         epithelial

Sterility:                                 Tests for Mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi were negative

Tumorigenic:                                   yes, in rabbit and nude mice

Comments:                          In vitro etablished from the solid VX-2 tumor.


(in vivo): Europ.J.Cancer, 15, 1211-1218, 1979; Eur. J Cancer Clin Oncol, Vol.19. No.7 pp. 957, 1983

Wissniowski TT, HŠnsler J, Neureiter D, Frieser M, Schaber S, Esslinger B, Voll R, Strobel D, Hahn EG, Schuppan D. Activatin of tumor-specific T lymphocytes by radio-frequency ablation of the VX2 hepatoma in rabbits. Cancer Rresearch 63, 6496-6500, 2203.

HŠnsler J, Neureiter D, Wasserburger M, Janka R, Bernatik T, Schneider T, MŸller W, Frieser M, Schaber S, Becker D, Hahn EG, Strobel D. Percutaneous US-guided radiofrequency ablation with perfused needle applicators: improved survival with the VX2 tumor model in rabbits. Radiology 230 (1): 169-174, 2004


ATCC designation:                         CRL 6503